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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

THE ROCKETEER by Mitch Gerads

As i'm sure everyone will do, and because he deserves it always, a huge thanks to the creator of the Rocketeer: Dave Stevens. It takes quite a powerful and imaginative mind to create a character in the 80's that everyone truly believes has been around for generations.

With that being said, another thanks to Steve Bryant for picking Mr. Secord. On my short lost of books to work on, the Rocketeer is top 5 at least.

I look forward to hearing what you all think and can't wait to see more from my fellow TWartists!



Mike Hawthorne said...

Christ man, this is great! Love the plane!


Francesco Francavilla said...

Freakin' aces, Mitch! :D Lovin' the action and how he is tearing apart that plane :) Great subject choice too ;)


Steve Bryant said...

Holy crap--I've got vertigo looking at this!

Damn! I'm thrilled to be a part of this community!!

Doc Shaner said...

Oh man, this is wild, Mitch! Really nice composition.

Unknown said...

How the flip did you get the camera so close to that propeller? Man, I opened my G-Reader this morning and was amazed by this layout. I had to really stare at it... there's a lot going on here. Amazing work, Mitch. What a cool shot. The shadow on the ground... nice (smart) touch. Thanks for giving a damn about that kind of thing.

Ron Salas said...

Nice! Great sense of energy and movement in this, Mitch! Well done.

ANDY KUHN said...

great action, mitch. very cool!

Chris Samnee said...

In your face and really rad. Nicely done, Mitch!

Mitch Gerads said...

Thanks everyone! You're all far too kind (Keep it up).

Oran - I might have got nicked once or twice by that propellor. ;)