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Sunday, February 14, 2010

G.I. Robot by Ramón Pérez

i'm not sure if it's a time zone thing or francesco is just eager to get us started... but i'm slipping this one in on eastern standard.

crunching for time this week with a few deadlines looming i decided to keep it simple and do a simple headshot as my fellow twart really covered all the bases with their amazing renditions of our metalloid friend.

so this round was done straight to inks, using a #3 (still working my way up to the #6 mitch utilizes!), along with some zip and a dash of colour in photoshop.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

G.I. Robot by Mitch Breitweiser

I'm deadlining right now, so I though I would'nt be able to participate. But all you guys' work is so great that I woke up inspired this morning. There wasn't enough time for a traditional ink job, so I just crapped this one out all digital-like.

Also, I made a video for you viewing pleasure:



Thursday, February 11, 2010

G.I. ROBOT by tom fowler

i very nearly didn't get a chance to contribute this week, MY week! i wanted to do a lot more with this, but realized (with help from a lovely yet angry look from my wife) that i had to try and make some money instead. mostly i was trying to emulate the italian painted british war comic covers that i'd found on today's inspiration. i'd originally thought to place jake in the snow of baston; with trees exploding around him and soldiers huddling in their foxholes. but i cannot separate jake from the south pacific.

G.I. ROBOT was one of the first comics to absolutely blow my mind when i was a kid. i think i was in grade four(?) walking home from school with a buddy of mine who was reading this weird-ass book about a robot who came out of a suitcase in the jungle. i was instantly riveted and, reading over his shoulder, just couldn't believe that only a few pages later that same robot was beating the living hell out of a SAMURAI ROBOT with HIS OWN FREAKING HEAD!!!! that image has stayed with me my entire life. it has informed the sense of mischief i try to bring to my work and my undying love of weird.

a little while before xmas (november maybe?) i tweeted to chris, declan, and evan about an idea i had for a challenge if they'd be interested. then we all got busy and i didn't bring it up again. my idea was to do a weekly sketch-off based on a character one of us would pick (me being the first to pick). i had no idea how to collect it, the idea of a group blog being completely foreign to me, so i let it slide. months later during thor week, chris floated the same exact idea and laura put it all together. i want to publicly thank them both for getting something together that my increasingly grampish brain just couldn't seem to process.

btw the title i came up with for my intended sketch-off series?:


G.I. Robot by Ron Salas

I was planning to add some colour to this--and I probably will at a later date--but I'll call this finished for now.
I'm really having fun doing this stuff.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

G.I. ROBOT by Evan Shaner

G.I. ROBOT by Mitch Gerads

When Fowler first proposed this character, I was all "Like Whaaaaaaaaat?" and then he was all like "Totallllly" and then I was all like "You're crayyyyyzaaayyy."

Then after we realized there was no Oxygen in the room, we got all better and I had an absolute blast with this piece. Turns out to be my personal fav of my Twart contributions so far!

Thanks Tom!


G.I. ROBOT by Declan Shalvey

I inked this piece last night but thought I'd try my hand at giving it a lash of colour this morning. I wanted to draw a T-Rex, but Samnee and Hawthorne kinda rasied the bar too high, so i drew some pterodactyls instead. This must have been one of the nuttiest things I've ever drawn, and i once drew a clown having relations with a cat. Thanks Fowler.

Hope ye like. I posted the black-and-white version on my own blog.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

G.I. ROBOT by Andy Kuhn

Here's my G.I. Robot drawing.
I wish I had time to do something more clever, or interesting
this week, but I don't. Everything that's been posted so far
is really top notch. I throw myself on the mercy of the Twarts.
Thanks for looking.

To see my initial sketch CLICK HERE.

G.I. ROBOT by Francesco Francavilla

G.I. ROBOT by Francesco Francavilla
~~ click on the image above for a bigger view ~~

~~~ cklick here to see the rough
sketch, the final inks, and a detail

Why I feel like I need a cigarette now? And I quit smoking back in 2007! ;)
I wanted to add a balloon from one of the soldiers in the foreground saying "WHO THE HELL IS THAT GUY?" :D
I am gonna post initial rough sketch and final inks on Pulp Sunday later today.

Anyhow, hope you guys dig it: this was TONS of fun and, as Mike said, gimme a GI ROBOT book to draw anytime :)


Monday, February 8, 2010

G.I. Robot by Nathan Fairbairn

I told myself I'd make life easy for myself this week and just do a headshot and this just came to me. It was a total breeze to do -- about 2 hours from idea to pencils to digital paints (Photoshop). You can check out the pencils on my sketchblog, if you're interested.

G.I. ROBOT by Mr. Hawthorne

I'm one of those guys that didn't know about G.I. ROBOT before this assignment. I actually asked Tom if he made it up, thinking it was a joke.

Then I saw an image of G.I. ROBOT fighting a dinosaur and thought, "yeah, that's for me" ;)

Apparently Chris thought the same thing. Zeitgeist, I tell you! :)

Anyway, hope you dig it.


PS - I'll post the process later this week over on my blog.

G.I. ROBOT by Chris Samnee

Thanks for a really great subject this week, Mr. Fowler!
Drawing a robot and dinosaurs made me feel like a kid again :D

For any of you folks that aren't quite as nerdy as most of us twartists, here's a link to G.I. Robot's Wikipedia page.

Also, the pencils and line work for this piece can be seen over on my blog.