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Thursday, February 11, 2010

G.I. Robot by Ron Salas

I was planning to add some colour to this--and I probably will at a later date--but I'll call this finished for now.
I'm really having fun doing this stuff.


Declan Shalvey said...

Lovely. I really like how you use white as a graphic tool. Not a lot of people do it.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Masterful use of the shading, Ron, not just to render the image but also to set the mood. Fantastic! :)


Mike Hawthorne said...

Great job, dude! Love the contrast of the worn down robot vs the propaganda poster. Good work, man!


Mike Exner III said...

Mr. Hawthorne and Francisco said it best. The contrast and the mood are both really excellent in this, and it really allows the art to resonate (with me, at least) on a deeper level. Great work!

Mitch Gerads said...

Ron, you have absolutely mastered the diagonal as an anchoring motif. I love the emotion in this one!

ANDY KUHN said...

beautiful moody piece, ron. very evocative.

Doc Shaner said...

I'm still getting over the fact that you did this with markers. Unbelievable, Ron. Great staging, and I love the poster. "THIS IS YOUR FRIEND", Awesome.

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