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Saturday, February 13, 2010

G.I. Robot by Mitch Breitweiser

I'm deadlining right now, so I though I would'nt be able to participate. But all you guys' work is so great that I woke up inspired this morning. There wasn't enough time for a traditional ink job, so I just crapped this one out all digital-like.

Also, I made a video for you viewing pleasure:




Mitch Gerads said...

Your digital painting process always has me in awe, Mitch. It's so sketchy, yet perfectly formed. Every mark in the right spot.

...and as always, you and Elizabeth's coloring is unparalleled.

Doc Shaner said...

HO-LEEE WHA, Mitch. That's brilliant. Great atmospheric touches throughout, and that orange is really something. Really glad you were able to join in on this one man, 'cuz now I've got a new desktop.

ANDY KUHN said...

really great, mitch! i'd love to see you do a comic story in this style. it's so vibrant and full of life. love it!

Mike Hawthorne said...

I dig this, Mitch! I love working digitally, and am always impressed when someone makes it look so easy and comfortable and not overworked.

Been thinking of doing a digital piece too, and even started flats for next week's one,but was going to drop it for something quicker...but this is getting me juiced up to go back at it again.

Great work!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Glad to see you made it to GI ROBOT week :D
Kickass angle there, Mitch, makes it for a really heroic shot :) And thanks for the closeup and the video: always cool to see upclose how such illos are rendered :D


Ramón k Pérez said...

love the looseness and boldness here mitch!

Ramón k Pérez said...

love the looseness and boldness here mitch!

Urban Barbarian said...

So Bad Ass, Mitch! Love it!

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