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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Johnny Recon by Mitch Breitweiser

I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Johnny Recon, so I made this my most involved Twart yet. Props to Mitch for creating such a fun character, and thanks for inviting me to be a part of it. In fact all you guys are an inspiration.

much twart love,



Mitch Gerads said...

Mitch! This is amazing! I can really tell how much fun you had with this one. Absolutely love the mood and the original story concept. Don't be surprised if Scott runs with that someday, haha!

Seriously, awesome work, man.

ANDY KUHN said...

beautiful work, mitch. i love the color choices.

nickrunge said...

This is top notch work!! The level of quality on this blog is outstanding, and this piece really works well. Nice powerful composition and great lighting.

I'm a big fan of your work.


Francesco Francavilla said...

this is cover ready, seriously, and the kinda of cover that will make me buy the book without even opening it: it's THAT good :)


Mike Hawthorne said...

Great job, Mitch!


Doc Shaner said...

I love the skull-faced astronaut, that is great. Great angle too, Mitch.

Jordie Bellaire said...

The colors on this are RADICAL.

Nicholas said...

Skull faced astronaut? Me thinks Mitch has been watching Scooby Doo lately. Great piece!

AKPuran Gaming said...

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