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Sunday, February 21, 2010

JOHNNY RECON by Mitch Gerads

I just couldn't NOT do it! This week's character choice landed on me and I just couldn't NOT pick my boy. Johnny Recon is the book I'm currently working on and created with my best friend and writer of the series, Scott Dillon.

Johnny Recon is a space adventurer through and through. Scott and I have this huge love of the sci-fi pulps and Johnny Recon helps us scratch every one of those story itches that plague us when we're on other projects.

The timing couldn't be better either, as we are reaching the tail end of our 90 day Kickstarter pre-sale campaign for Johnny Recon No.02. If after seeing what I'm sure will be a ridiculously amazing collection of illustrations this week here on Comic TWART, you want to learn more about the book or even better yet, learn about the book AND pre-order a copy or copies of JOHNNY RECON No.02, head over and check out our KICKSTARTER campaign. Right now, besides conventions, placing an order through Kickstarter is our only distribution system. Hopefully if we're super successful with it, we'll be able to change that in the future!


So prepare yourself for one hell of a thrilling week rife with space chills, planetary spills, and Daring HI-FI Adventure!



JOHNNY RECON INTERNET CONTEST from co-creator, Scott Dillon!

Hi Everyone!

Mitch and I have been talking the last few days, and we are both so excited about the success of the project (reaching an amount way beyond either of our expectations) that we've decided to offer one lucky backer a page of original art from the second issue (currently listed as a $100 pledge reward for our project)!

After the time on our Kickstarter project has run out, we will pull a name out of a very cool space helmet (you didn't think I was going to say hat, did you), and that person will receive a page of original art along with their other rewards! The very, very cool thing about this opportunity is that, whether or not you've pledged up until this point, all backers will be entered into the drawing! Our small way of saying thanks to all of you for making our dreams come true!



Shawn said...

Your coloring always feels Epic! Love it.

Brian Meredith said...

Very nice, Mitch! I anxiously await to see what the others do with your boy this week...

Mike Hawthorne said...

Very cool :)

Dave said...

Brilliant stuff!

Michael Lapinski said...

Yeah, the coloring feel like Drew Struzan on a Vodka and Red Bull bender!

Francesco Francavilla said...

That looks so much fun, as matter of fact I was hoping I can borrow an element or two from this "movie poster" for my contribution, if that's Kool with you :)


Steve Bryant said...

As gorgeous as your b/w work is, Mitch, the color version is stunning.

I can't wait to tackle my RECON mission this week!


Mitch Breitweiser said...

HOT DAMN! Love the high key lighting.

laura said...

I love all the energy in this one! And I can't wait to see the book! Looks like you guys have created something really fun here! :)

Michael Lapinski said...

Hey M!tch - just thought I'd mention that it was unclear to me what was going on with the lines extending from Johnny's mouth.

I needed to look at the black and white to see that it seems like he's ripping wires from the robot's chest...

In the color it looks like he's shooting lasers from his teeth.

Great illustration but I figured you would want to know if there were any clarity issues for your audience.

Mitch Gerads said...

You guys are the ones that rock! Thank you all. I'm just so happy to be a part of this great new little community we've started. :)

I still can't believe it's a whole week of Johnny illustrations by my favorite illustrators.


Dan McDaid said...

This is a blaze of energy and light! Love it!

Mitch Gerads said...

In my mind, outer space is a very shiny place.

Ron Salas said...

That looks great, Mitch! I love your colour pallette. And zombie robots? That's fantastic.

AKPuran Gaming said...

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