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Sunday, February 28, 2010

JOHNNY RECON (sorta) by Mr. Hawthorne

Mitch, and everyone following along with the blog. Please accept this I.O.U. in place of the actual JOHNNY RECON piece I was going to post. The week started with two very sick kids, and a trip to the ER. It ended with two very sick parents and me not finishing the piece I intended to do.

Very sorry, Mitch. I hate to let you down but promise to make it up.... er....s'cuse me..........

.....hmm, uh.... sorry about that.

So, uh, as I was saying...I promise to make it up to you soon.



ANDY KUHN said...


nobody likes to buy a "round trip meal ticket".
get better soon. :)

laura said...

Hope you and your family are feeling better! This still ranks as one of my favorite twarts. :)

Francesco Francavilla said...

And this is how Mike shows us that he can kick a$$ also when he is sick as a dog.
Hope you, wife and kids get better really soon, Mike, we are rooting for ya.


Mitch Gerads said...

Punch the sick right in it's face!

"Fuhgeddaboutit," Just get better!

Frame Theory said...

Get better, dawg

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks everyone.

I'm feeling a good bit better. This thing kicked my ass, but I'm on the mend and read to get drawing again.

Hey, it's my week to pick too!

Doc Shaner said...

This is the way it should be done whenever one of us is sick.

Glad to hear you guys are feeling better, Mike.

Ron Salas said...

Dude, it's too bad you were sick last week. Your twarts are one of the ones I look forward to most.

Glad you and your family's feeling better, man!

Mike Hawthorne said...

I will eventually get to it, as I was looking forward to it too. I had an idea started, but I guess I should finished CLARA first this is my week.

Anyway, I'll post it when it's finished.