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Monday, April 19, 2010

BATMAN by Declan Shalvey

Hello there. In typical boring fashion, I've picked a super-hero for this week(though he is quite pulpy too. I could draw Batman all day.

Fun fact; I drew this last week at a drink-and-draw so the greaywash; Ink and Cider.

Extra fun-fact; Chris samnee has the original, so only he knows how much i had to clean this up on photoshop.

Batman is such fun to draw; with the shadows and cape it makes it really fun to play with design and composition when drawing him. Really looking to seeing the versions all the other Twarts come up with.

Would also like to thank everyone who came up to me at C2E2 this weekenf and had such kind words to say about the Twart blog and my 28 Days Later comic. I appreciate it so much :)



Chris Samnee said...

Looks great, Dec!! I feel lucky to have it in my collection... cleaned up or not :)
Safe travels out there, sir, and we'll see you at Heroes!

Mike Hawthorne said...

DAMN, dude!! This is so fantastic! I love it, man!


Doc Shaner said...

I love the brushwork on this Declan, especially in the face, and I think Batman was a great pick for the week.

Stephen Thompson said...

I like the idea that the only piece of artwork in Chris Samnee's collection that reeks of alcohol was drawn by an Irish guy. How apt.

Mike Perkins said...

I still prefer your work on Area 10, Declan!! ;-P

Mitch Gerads said...

Always awesome, Dec. Your control over the seemingly out of control ink work always amazes me. Hoping I can return to Twart this week!

Craig Zablo said...

Love the classic, old, old school feel to this one.

ANDY KUHN said...

great to meet you, declan.
very slick drawing!

Steve Bryant said...

Love that spontaneous inkwork!

Urban Barbarian said...

Rock that dry brush!!!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Last time I tried a drink and draw, results were not this AWESOME! You can clearly drink and draw all day, Dec :D