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Friday, April 2, 2010

BELIT by Chris Samnee

Ahoy Twarties! Hope ye enjoy me interpretation of Robert E. Howard's Belit. Arrrrrhh!


Mike Hawthorne said...

Great job! This is perfect!


Mike Moran said...

That turned out great!! Nice work!

Taranaich said...

Very nicely drawn, even if it is the comic version. I particularly like how you incorporated the famous "Dragon prow".

ANDY KUHN said...

so good, wish i'd thought of this! :)

Ron Salas said...

Sweet. I love that profile shot. Great composition.

She looks very regal here, as befitting the Queen of the Black Coast.

Francesco Francavilla said...

I was gonna say the same thing Ron said: we really get the "queen" vibe in this shot, Chris :D
Digging also the viking ship and the stormy weather/sea :)


Urban Barbarian said...

Very majestic Chris! Full of drama and power! Most excellent!