This week's pick:

Saturday, May 1, 2010

THE THING by Mitch Gerads

I finally got around to putting my THING on the Internet ;)



Mike Hawthorne said...

Ah, I love the title and your version of the Thing. Right on :)


Steve Bryant said...

Col! I'm with Mike—the way he's smashing through the title is terrific!


Chris Samnee said...

Awesome! Love seeing your black and white stuff!

Doc Shaner said...

Looks great buddy, the letters flying at the screen are a great touch. Love your take on his jawline too.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Very clever concept, Mitch, and such lovely, clean inks. :D
Any chance to see it in color as well? :)


Mitch Gerads said...

Thanks guys!

Francesco - When I have the time, I want to color most of my TWART illos. Hopefully soon!


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