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Monday, June 21, 2010


I've talked about Al Williamson a lot over the last week. I wrote about meeting him and the impact on my career over at my blog. I pointed out some homages to him in my comic Athena Voltaire. And I was fortunate enough to be asked by John Siuntres to contribute some thoughts about Al's work on the Word Balloon podcast and by Tim O'Shea to talk about Al for the Robot 6 blog at Comic Book Resources.

My favorite of Al's work was his 13-year collaboration with Archie Goodwin on Secret Agent Corrigan because everything that Al loved was eventually thrown into the strip.

I printed the type onto a piece of Bristol board and drew Corrigan onto the board afterward. The tone was created digitally and the jacket pattern, based on a zip-a-tine screen that Al frequently used on Corrigan, was drawn manually then digitally manipulated into a larger repeating pattern. It was also applied digitally. The pencils can be seen at my blog.

Thanks for the work, and everything else, Al.


JunBobKim said...

I love the piece, Steve! I love how Mr. Williamson seemed to experiment anything he wanted to try on SAC.

Doc Shaner said...

Nice inks, Steve, a fitting tribute.

Mitch Gerads said...

Beautiful and fitting work here, Steve. Love the gun.


Steve Bird said...

I should have guessed you'd go back to Secret Agent for your tribute. Fantastic stuff.

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