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Sunday, June 27, 2010

ASTERIX by Chris Samnee

Since I'm sure Fowler is going to knock his version of Asterix & Obelix into orbit I wanted to be sure to get mine posted early this week... so I don't have such a hard act to follow. :)

Can't wait to see what all my fellow twartists come up with for this latest theme!! This was a ton of fun!!


Joel Carroll said...

I love it.

Kyle T. Webster said...

You're bringing back such happy memories for me, Chris - first Tintin, and now Asterix! Thanks a million for these posts.

Ron Salas said...

This is great, Chris. Like I said on twitter, I love the friendly lines on this piece. They have a ton of personality. I especially like how you drew the background slope and that little tree. It just looks so fun and free that I can't help but smile.

Evan "Doc" Shaner said...

The linework is impeccable, Chris. This is a lot of fun.

Mr. Hawthorne said...

Looks fucking perfect to me!


Chris Schweizer said...

I never read Asterix as a kid (sacrilege, I know) but I did watch the cartoons, which my Grandfather had. He had the books, too, I just never saw 'em.

I love the ground crack. There are far too few ground-opening-ups in comics these days.

Francesco Francavilla said...

HA! That cracks me up! :D (PUN fully intended ;))


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