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Monday, June 14, 2010

TARZAN by Evan Shaner

I was finally able to get the new scanner hooked up today, so hopefully this means that I'll be able to post regularly after weeks of digital stand-ins and absences. I had to make sure I did something for the Tarzan theme. Burroughs' Tarzan of the Apes is one of my favorite books of all time, and I've been a longtime fan of Joe Kubert's Tarzan comics, not to mention Foster and Hogarth's work on the newspaper strip. Great pick, Mitch!


Mr. Hawthorne said...

Thank God for your new scanner. This looks great.


davelevine said...

I love the look of it; the silouetted apes; the cowlick; the look on Tarzan's face; especially the colors; very retro; it reminds me of a puzzle I used to have of a Sunday strip by Hogarth.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Beutiful all over but I am particularly in love with the way you rendered her feet and by the gorilla silhuettes in the bg :)