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Thursday, July 1, 2010

ASTERIX by Mr. Hawthorne

I know Asterix is a Gaul, and not a Viking. I just couldn't get this image out of my head. Sorry.

Pencils on my blog.



Doc Shaner said...

Gaul or Viking, this is too cool, Mike. I love your take on Obelix, with the stitches on the pants for the stripes.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks, pal. I tried really hard to keep their outfits fairly authentic to the original. Glad you noticed :)


Mario Cau said...

This blog is awesome!
Is it possible to enroll?
I'd loveto particpate.

Tony said...

Rad! i can hear Immigrant's Song wailing in the background!


Mike Hawthorne said...

Mario - Thanks. Unfortunately the blog is closed to new members, and invite only I believe. Hell, I was lucky to be invited in myself ;)

Sorry :(

Tony - Thanks, bro! :)

tomfowler said...

that is so badass, mike.

beautifully draw and the poses carry so much motion and power. they are totally going to fuck up some romans.

Francesco Francavilla said...

You know, before I settled for a less "time consuming" Asterix twart, I was planning something in high sea with a ship, and I have done a few researches about them and I think they did look a bot like viking ships, so you are totally correct here :)
What a powerful "we are so gonna kick your asses" depiction of the duo, Mike, just magnificent :)


No Point Buck said...

"From the fury of the Northmen, save us Lord." - Medieval Irish prayer.

A nifty piece of work with Asterix sporting the most styling 'stache since Sam Elliott.

Ron Salas said...

They are so badass, Mike. I love all the little design details not only in Asterix and Obelix' individual outfits but in how you designed the rubble and the clouds in the bg. Fantastic job, man.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks a bunch, fellas! :)


Mitch Gerads said...

Always dig your "comixization" of different characters, Mike!


Urban Barbarian said...

Show off.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks, Mitch. That's what's so fun about twart for me. Drawing these characters I'd never normally draw, and finding a way to make it my own.

Dan.... I can't HELP it! ;-)