This week's pick:

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Look, up in the sky!
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Italian Spiderman!
Keep it realz, y'all!

* In case you don't know about ITALIAN SPIDERMAN.


Mike Hawthorne said...

Ha! Dude, this is perfect!!! Love the red!


Dustin d'Arnault said...

Nice stuff Andy!!

Unknown said...

I came for the Jonny Quest ... but stayed for the Italian Spiderman!

What a great blog! Glad I stumbled upon it. You guys are all massively talented. Did I say "massively?" I meant "sickeningly." :-)

Not doing drugs,
Scott B.

damon said...


No Point Buck said...

A great drawing and a valuable community service. Well done.


Urban Barbarian said...

Spiderman meets the Comedian. Excellent!

Mitch Gerads said...



Coolguy 2004 said...

It's a bad habit. Don't do it or you run the rick of looking as cool as I do, kid.

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