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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

LONE WOLF AND CUB by Francesco Francavilla

Lone Wolf and Cub
(click on the above image for a bigger view)

And thank you, Dan, for another cool pick :)
(looking forward to meet you in Baltimore in a few days :))

Here is my contribution, fresh from the oven (still hot, watch out ;)), drawn while watching Top Chef (can you tell I like to cook and eat with all these culinary references? ;))
Done on a 5x17 inches board strip.

Definitely click on the image for a better fruition :)



Dan McDaid said...

Totally and utterly stunning. Drawn with a pen/brush pen, maybe? I love to see your non-digi work, man - a true inspiration.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Man, using the toy to entertain his child during the carnage makes this magic! Great, great work!


Mitch Gerads said...

Love the whimsy! Love the format!


Nathan Fairbairn said...

Wow. This is magic, right here, Francesco! Thanks for making my day!

Doc Shaner said...

Brilliant design, Francesco. Very charming.

Chris Samnee said...

Well done, sir! Love it!

Urban Barbarian said...

I love the frantic nature of this whole piece! Beautiful!!!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you so much, guys, I am glad you all dig it since I did it without putting too much thought in it :)
You all rock for making my day with such kind notes :)