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Saturday, September 11, 2010

THE DALEKS by Dan McDaid

Hello! Didn't have time to do a proper Doctor Who TWART this week (ironically, I've been too busy drawing the strip in the UK's Doctor Who Magazine. Ooh, fancy!). But I did have time to fit in a quick commission for a pal. So never mind the Doctor, here's THE DALEKS:

Hope you like it! (and if you do, there's tons more Doctor Who stuff over at my website!)



Mitch Gerads said...

Yeah! Love me some Daleks!


Paulio said...

Love it :)

Philip A. Buck said...

great! way to go!

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks guys!

BTW, The missus just did the maths, and apparently 300 Rels equates to 5 minutes. So Earth hasn't got long!

Unknown said...

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