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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NEXUS by Mitch Gerads

            I had ZERO time budget to do a ComicTWART this week, but when Dan [Panosian] suggested we push our TWART plans back a week and do a NEXUS week to support Steve Rude, I MADE TIME! Like some sort of sorcerer who can control time and space, for The DUDE I will conjur time from the infinite nothing! (Steve was The Dude LONG before that Lebowski fella.)
           Nexus was the first comic book I can remember reading as a kid, not so much reading because at age 6 I guarantee I didn't understand any of the complexities of that book. I would sneak into my brother Greg's room and flip through his copies of Nexus and that is what's responsible for me doing what I do now, some 23 years later.
          Support Steve by purchasing some of his amazing originals and especially if you haven't read Nexus before. Now's the perfect time to start and what better way than to get them straight from the guy who made them! CLICK HERE TO BE AMAZED!
         I gave this TWART a lot of extra love because I feel so strongly about this book and The DUDE behind it.  I also included some process work from inks to final color for ya, cuz I know youze guys dig that stuff.



Ryan Cody said...

As much as I love your colors, I prefer the inked version. Your inks (and pencils) are outstanding.

Mr. Hawthorne said...

You're a swell guy, pal AND you've done a great job here! Bravo!


akelley90 said...

I check out the Twarts every week and I got to say i love this piece! Im a fan of Nexus and of Steve Rude. Great job!

Josh said...

epic win.

Mitch Gerads said...

Thanks DOODZ! As I said, this one I had a incredibly good time with and it's cool you noticed!

Josh, will I be seeing you at Fallcon this weekend?


ANDY KUHN said...

above and well beyond, mitch! :)

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