This week's pick:

Monday, November 22, 2010

FUTURAMA by Evan Shaner

Great pick, Tom. Working on this week's piece taught me that Zoidberg, my favorite character on the show, would be a hideous freaking monster in real life.


joe ackerman said...

the business! love it, absolutely.

tomfowler said...

awesome work, evan!

hedonism-bot, morbo, the hypno-toad: you hit all my favourites!

Declan Shalvey said...

The brains, the finglonger, hedonism-bot, robot-devil; you got so much in there man. Great colours too.

Fantastic job Evan!

John Wiswell said...


(word verification: retra)

Philip A. Buck said...

completely terrific!
this week has been an amaizing one from Comic Twartists!

No Point Buck said...

Beautiful stuff (As per usual). Strangely, it makes me long for a "Professor Farnsworth meets Doctor Savanah" team-up. Hypno-toad vs. Mr. Mind would also be good.

Unknown said...


davelevine said...

Love it, especially the shading and the perspective. All that's missing is Brannigan.

Julio Von McWorthington Summers IV said...

WOW. This really is Tops man, your design sense is just inspiring... it has this vintage psuedo throwback sci-fi vibe to it... & the rendition of Fry really makes me feel like we can see these oddball creatures & occurrences from his perspective! KUDOS!

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