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Saturday, November 27, 2010

JONAH HEX by tom fowler

between round two with the taxman and the run up to my art show i had very little time to do anything this week. but with the wife working late at the office and the boy safely in bed i was able to stitch together* a couple of hours...

... and for sticklers who like full figure shots here's a commission i did a while back.

* get it? "stitch" GET IT??

(i hate myself...)


nickrunge said...

These are brilliant pieces! Really nice.

No Point Buck said...

Both beautiful pieces, especially the portrait. I love the way you've captured Hex's hardcore bad-assery on his "good" side.

Urban Barbarian said...

Love that commission! Great one!

mannycartoon said...

The color piece is greatness...You Make Hex looks like Thomas Jane! The Hex we should have had!

Francesco Francavilla said...

I remember that commission (still pretty spooky :))but the new painted portrait is GORGEOUS, Tom, love it! :)