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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WOLVERINE by UrbanBarbarian

SNIKT! [ and possible avatar! ]


Alan said...

Great stuff. This minimalist theme has produced some especially witty inventive contributions

No Point Buck said...

You've just turned Wolverine into Saul Bass' favorite comic character, brilliant.

And, before anyone else does it, here's Power Girl: OO

Ron Salas said...

My favourite out of all of them.
I had the same kind of idea but you've done it way better than I would've imagined.

Urban Barbarian said...

@Alan- These Twartists are pretty amazing! I feel honored to be among these beasts!
@NoPointBuck- Saul Bass....! And yes, I think you win with your Power Girl comment.
@Ron- I knew

tomfowler said...

damn it, beaten to the saul bass comment.

this is perfect, dan!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Damned brilliant, Dan!


Stuart Ruel said...

Same, this is my favourite one! Awesome, this has been one of the most interesting themes so far!

Samax said...