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Friday, January 21, 2011

AVENGERS Earth's First Heroes by Gordon & Francavilla

The Avengers
(click on this for the larger poster view)

A couple of good things that came out of this collective blog known as Comic Twart is that 1) the weekly topics sparked quite a few new ideas/concepts fans seem to dig and 2) the weekly jams and artwork inspired other artists -outside the Twart group- to tackle these topics.
So I give you this new take on the Avengers Earth's First Heroes (a concept I had for the WHAT IF week) with pencils from my dear friend Steven E. Gordon and inks and colors by me. Steve was inspired by the topic (you can see his pencils here) and I was inspired by his pencils so much I had to ink this amazing piece. Individuals inspiring each other: at the end of the day I think this is the essence of this blog I am so proud to be part of :)

Hope you enjoy and pls click on the image to really appreciate the details.

Thank you all for checking this blog and making a cool place to hang around :)


Concept by Francesco Francavilla
Artwork © 2011 Steven E.Gordon & Francesco Francavilla


JC said...

Sometimes I hear the claim that technology makes the world a better place, and I often question that, but this evidence very much in support of that claim. Anything that renders something this wonderful possible does in fact make the world a better place. Fantastic!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Wow, great work! I love the concept and the art equally. So good!


John Stone said...

Definitely love the vibe thats going on here at comic twart. Very inspiring stuff everyday And I enjoy coming back. Thanks to everyone who contributes. Rock on.

Ken O said...

Incredible piece. I'd love to see more of this version of the characters.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you, Jeff, Mike, John, and Ken :) And thank you also from my friend Steve :) Glad you all liked it!
Now that we have the cover, we need to draw interiors ;) Can't wait to show you the big villain for this story :)


Doc Shaner said...

Extremely cool, I always like it when you guys collaborate.

Urban Barbarian said...

Another home run!!!!