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Friday, March 4, 2011

Comic Twart happenings!

Hey everyone,

This place will seem a little quiet over the weekend. That's because several of the fellas will be at this year's Emerald City Comic Con, in Seattle.

For those of you with plans to attend the con, there will be a Comic Twart panel during which the boys will discuss the blog, their art, and the wonders of a life in comics! They'll also be drawing LIVE! The panel will be tonight at 7PM in room 4C3-4, so be sure to check them out. Check here for more info on all of ECCC's panels.

Also, these guys will have their own tables at the con so please swing by and tell them how handsome they are, and OH YEAH maybe buy a piece of art... or three ;-)

All proceeds go to paying their rent, feeding themselves and their families, and keeping they're coffee reserves healthy. Seriously, they all appreciate your support, and love fans! More info on ECCC's Artist Alley.

I should add that Francesco had plans to be at the con, but due to a severe deadline crunch he had to bow out (what a pro!). Francesco sends his apologies to anyone hoping to see him there, and hopes you'll all understand.

I will get you guys specific table info for each of the Comic Twartist attending the show as I get it. So stay tuned.

Lastly, I wanted to say thanks to ALL of you folks following the blog! We passed the 1000 mark yesterday, which is too awesome for words! Thank you all!!


Attendants at ECCC can find the following Comic Twartists here:
Tom Fowler - C-03
Mitch Gerads - C-04
Nathan Fairbairn - C-05
Chris Samnee - C-06
Evan Shaner - C-08
Andy Kuhn - H-01


Anonymous said...

Will you guys be at Wondercon?

Francesco Francavilla said...

Bakchoo: I think the next Twart panel is at Heroes Con in Charlotte.

I wish someone would post pictures of the twart panel in Seattle: still haven't seen any of the Conan that have been done during the panel :(


Mike Hawthorne said...

Yeah, I'd love to see those myself!