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Friday, March 11, 2011

RED SONJA by Francesco Francavilla

Red Sonja
Click on it for the full size!!! ;)

For Patrick and for all the Red Sonja fans out there :)

Decided to keep it simple and minimalist 'cause gotta still lotsa pages to do. Hope ya dig it nevertheless :)


Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla


Mike Hawthorne said...

Elegant and beautiful!


eye-melt said...

Bravo sir!

JC said...

Absolutely beautiful in such a meaningful way, if that makes sense.

M. Walsh said...


Unknown said...

nice as always!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you so much, guys, glad to see y'all enjoyed it even if it's a little different from my usual stuff :)


Patrick Stiles said...

This is great, man! I'm glad we got at least one up there. I was really looking forward to my twart pick, but I've been off and on sick this week. :(


Francesco Francavilla said...

I know, I was surprised to be the first... on FRIDAY!?!
Glad you liked it, Patrick, and pls take care of yourself and get better soon.


Unknown said...

If I were a tattooin' man, I'd definitely get this inked.

Urban Barbarian said...

I digs it!!! No real rest for the raven haired femme fatale!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you so much, Munchanka and Dan :)
Well, I guess this goes to history like the Twart week with one only entry. (these guys don't like to draw girls, that's the reasons ;))


S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Great as usual, Mr. Francavilla.

I really would like to see your version of the Black Widow.