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Friday, March 18, 2011

RED SONJA by Mr. Hawthorne

This is a work in progress, but as we're almost at the end of the week I wanted to try and post SOMETHING since there is a chance I won't finish this in time.

I intend to color this up (complete with freckles!), but until then I hope you can enjoy these meager pencils.


PS - The inspiration for this piece comes from the movie TROY. Free No-prize to the first person to figure out which scene ;-)


SeanFields said...

When Achilles has conquered the temple of Apollo or right after he killed Boagrius?

Mike Hawthorne said...

Your first guess is wrong, but... your second guess is SPOT ON!!

You win the NO-prize!! :-)

Red Sonja is gonna be saying "Is there no one else?!" on this piece when I'm done.

Good call!


Urban Barbarian said...

AMAZING pose and attitude, Mike!!! Love this!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks, man. Just hope I can get the colors on this.


JC said...

The perspective is great, and the attitude is chilling indeed.

Ron Salas said...

Fantastic. I can't wait to see the colours!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks guys!

Just hope I can get the time to color it up right!


Unknown said...

The perspective is great

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