This week's pick:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

THE MARQUIS by Ron Salas



tomfowler said...

"unfinished"? if you say so, sport.

honestly, in it's present state i think it may be my favourite this week.


Mike Hawthorne said...

Ron, I'm with Tom. I'm kind of in love with this rough and tumble stule. All that texture and contrast is really great!


Ron Salas said...

haha Thanks. You guys are too nice, seriously.
I hope to finish this tonight so I won't be embarrassed by the truly awesome art that's been posted so far.

Doc Shaner said...

Love the angle, Ron.

Urban Barbarian said...

I dig the gritty nature of this one! Cool!

Si said...

It's finished enough for me. The angle does it all for me, its one of Marquis' victim's last look at the world before he is skewered :0