This week's pick:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wolfman Jack by Rev. Dave Johnson

Felt like doing something other than the obvious. Not that obvious is bad, but like the MMA week, wanted to think outside of the box. Plus I always loved his hair. What a guy.


Joe Jusko said...


Hisham said...

The best part of Galactica 80!!!

dicecipher said...

Full moon tonight, everything's all right
Baby come on back to Wolfman Jack
If you want yourself a day man, well I don`t mind
You just ditch him when the sun goes down
'Cause the moon shines bright and everything's all right
When the Wolfman, he creeps into town

Urban Barbarian said...

Ha! You beat me to it! You nailed his expression perfectly!

Oscar Padilla said...

Dry brush? The hair came out great.

Dan McDaid said...

Ha ha, you clever bastard!

Brilliant drawing, Rev!

Doc Shaner said...

Ah haha! This is awesome!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Yeah, fuck! You beat me to it too! Damn!

What a great job piece!


Unknown said...

That is outrageously cool.

Andy said...

This is awesome awesome awesome! I can't say enough how much I dig this piece!

Unknown said...

Love it!! <3

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