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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I've been a big fan of Gene Colan since I first saw one of his Daredevil issues. He had a way of making figures seem heroic and dynamic and I could pick up on that even then. I've followed his work off and on over the years but it's only during the past few years that I've really understood just how great an artist he is. He is a true original and will be missed.

RIP Gene Colan


Anonymous said...

Wow! Is this you inking Gene's pencils, or an original piece in his style?

Either way, this is beautiful work.

Ron Salas said...

Nope, this is an original piece. Trying to merge his style and mine, admittedly not too difficult a task.


Doc Shaner said...

That's gorgeous work, Ron. Your stuff is perfect for a tribute to Colan.

Mike Hawthorne said...

What an amazing tribute!

And, how the hell are you not the most famous artist in comics!? Seriously, this is brilliantly done!


Ron Salas said...

haha Thanks guys. I don't think I did this as well as I should have but I tried!