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Sunday, July 10, 2011

SPACE GHOST by Chris Samnee

My wife walked into the room when I was sketching this and asked if I had seen Ron's Space Ghost. I said "No, does it look like this?" and she said "It doesn't not look like this."

Sorry I ripped you off without knowing it, Ron. Yours is better, though.


I am Eric Bass said...

Seeing this, is vindication for me and every other, sugar sweetened cereal chomping, 10yr old who sat in front of a TV after school, digging the Space Ghost like crazy! I love this character, you rocked it..truly!

Ron Salas said...

Dude, YOURS is better.

JDW said...

omg... this, yes. yes. Have you seen the Brave and the Bold episode with Space Ghost? Seeing that, now seeing this, both are awesome. Now I want more action Space Ghost, not the talk show kind. Make it happen hahaha. ;)