This week's pick:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Continuing my sketchy run, here's my Punisher.
It should be no secret to anyone that I'm a big Punisher fan having read most of his adventures throughout the past three decades. It's a book I'd love to draw 'cause by this point I feel like I've come to really know the guy.


Mike Hawthorne said...

Oh, good God! Ron, this is fantastic! This may be my favorite of the week! WOW!


Jason Welborn said...

Love the pouches for teeth in the skull! Has that been done before, because it is brilliant! Great drawing!

Matt Lesniewski said...

This is badass! Great detail and I think this really captures who the Punisher is. I made my own rendition of the Punisher this week, but it doesn't look as serious as this...

Doc Shaner said...

So cool, Ron. Great atmosphere work.

Reverend Dave Johnson said...

Scary. Great job

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