This week's pick:

Saturday, November 19, 2011

USAGI YOJIMBO by tom fowler

is it too soon to be self-referential?



seriously, stan sakai is one of the greatest guys in this industry and usagi one of its most compelling characters. i hope i've done right by both of them with this.


Mike Hawthorne said...

Beautiful work, Tom!


PS - I loved the original too ;-)

usagigoya said...


But why did you draw Usagi left handed?

You did the same thing with your drawing of Itto Ogami in your Lone Wolf & Cub drawing.....

tomfowler said...

thanks, mike!

mr. goya, are you honestly telling me that comics' two greatest samurai aren't ambidexterous?! sir, i think i give them just a little bit more credit than that.

Urban Barbarian said...

I'm worried for Usagi but I know, somewhere in my heart, that he'll be okay.

Doc Shaner said...

That's incredible, Tom. Fantastic inks.

tomfowler said...

thanks guys!

Ron Salas said...

It's not too soon. Never too soon.

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