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Sunday, February 21, 2010

BLACK BEETLE by Chris Samnee

I've had my nose to the ol' grindstone of late on comics work but, even though it's just a bust sketch, I just had to squeeze in my take on Francesco's wonderful Black Beetle character.
Killer job on the sketches this week, gents!!! I don't know how you guys manage to up your game every week! I've gotta say that I'm humbled to have my work among yours and I'm honored to call myself a Twartist.


tomfowler said...

you just gave me a tothache.

very nice.

ANDY KUHN said...

excellent drawing, chris. i'm proud to be in a group with YOU! :)

Francesco Francavilla said...

Great B/W contrast, Chris, and awesome "Shadow" double gun action :D
I am so glad you found time to contribute to the jam, I know you had a busy week. Thank you, Chris :)


Mike Hawthorne said...

Yeah, it seems like we've all had busy weeks across the board. Crazy.

In your case you still came through, man. I love your sense of design, with takes this beyond just a "bust drawing".

I especially love the woman's outline on his cape. Great idea.


Craig Zablo said...

Great use of negative space. Also love the traditional 45 coupled with the ray gun.

Declan Shalvey said...

Lovely stuff. Great composition and great execution Chris.

Well to be honest, i'm proud to be in a group with myself.

Mitch Gerads said...

Oh man, Chris. The silhouette of the dame in his cape is inspired! You continue to rock the negative space like none other!

Nathan Fairbairn said...

It's thrilling the way you really elevate your compositions with your inspired use of negative space and super high contrast inking. So great!

Michael Lapinski said...

It's all in the eyes. Their shape and treatment truly captures an iconic look for the design as much as any of the other comic or pulp icons (Spidey eyes, Bat ears and cape).

Steve Bryant said...

Beautiful! I never stop being amazed at your impeccable spotting of blacks, Chris.