This week's pick:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Black Beetle by Mitch Breitweiser

I freaking LOVE the character design, so I hated that I had to rush this one. I'm trying to talk Elizabeth into slapping some color on it when she gets a little less busy,

Cheers all!



Mike Hawthorne said...

Looks great, Mitch!


Francesco Francavilla said...

Mitch, that looks like straight up from KARA BOCEK! Love it all: the car, the angle, the Black beetle! Such a classic shot! :D
Thank you, and now I am hoping Elisabeth will have some spare time to play her magic too on this :)

You guys have been killing it with each single piece this week: I am a very happy man :)


azhar said...

ahhh...what a wonderful blog this is..a sense of relieve for me ( i'm smiling) found this blog..

what a pool of great artists..
a must follow..

very inspiring..

and i'm into brush inking myself..

thanks guys for putting up this blog.

keep on coming guys!

Tom Floyd said...

That is friggin' sweet!!!

ANDY KUHN said...

great drawing, mitch. i really love the loose energetic quality of the inking. i'm really trying to get more of that quality into my own work.

Mitch Gerads said...

This is insanely dynamic, Mitch. I can hear/feel/smell the whole scene! You rocked this one! I also agree with Francesco, Elizabeth should color this up in all that spare time of hers. ;)

Nathan Fairbairn said...

Awesome, awesome stuff. Great energy, angle, and the spotting of blacks is so vibrantly but judiciously done. And yes, I'd love to see Elizabeth work her magic on this piece ... y'know, with all the down time that we Marvel colorists have. :D

Steve Bryant said...

The gestural quality of your work is always amazing! This piece is no exception!

And the way the composition leads the eys is pretty damn spiffy, too!