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Monday, March 1, 2010

Johnny Recon by Ron Salas

Here's my belated Twart. Apologies to Mitch for being late but I really wanted to capture this idea. I've been meaning to have this up sooner but things kept getting in the way.

Updated with the coloured poster version.


Scott said...

Incredible, Ron! I love the classic feel you captured here along with this incredible depiction of storytelling in a single moment of time.

Many thanks to all of the talented artists for their interpretations of Johnny this past week, Mitch and I seriously couldn't be happier.

Mitch Gerads said...

Absolutely awesome in every way, Ron! I'm amazed by how well you all have captured the essence of what we're trying to do with the book.

Ron, this is truly incredible. Smiling from ear to ear right now!

Nathan Fairbairn said...

Man, Ron! Every time you post a new twart, I become a bigger fan of your work. Fantastic design complemented with great drawing and lovely inks. Top notch work, sir!

Mike Hawthorne said...

This is so awesome, dude! I really love the hell out of this! You're gold!


Ron Salas said...

Thanks guys! Glad you like it.
I'm going to update this with the coloured version sometime tonight.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Oh, yeah, sure... go ahead and show off to the poor guy who spent his weekend driving the porcelain bus and is now busting hump on work stuff and hasn't finished his Twart yet! Sure, sure... you're a REAL pal Mr. Salas! ;)


Francesco Francavilla said...

That's some gorgeous movie poster there, Ron :D Your best twart yet (after the Black Beetle of course ;))
Looking forward to the color version :)


Ron Salas said...

Mike - I can't help it if I want to win the "Trying Too Hard" award. Some people can create awesome work in 30 minutes.

I take 2 weeks.

Francesco - Thanks! Hope you like the new coloured version that's up now.

Doc Shaner said...

The color version looks great too, Ron! I like the held blacks up top, great poster.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Love this treatment, Ron :D


Ron Salas said...

Thanks guys. Glad you like it.

Declan Shalvey said...

Hey Ron; i love this piece. I was scared of what might happen in colour as it was a really strong b+w image. I shouldn't have bothered as i love what you did with the colour. Really adds to the image.

Great work man.

Mike Hawthorne said...

The colors are bad ass!!

Ron Salas said...

Well thanks guys. I appreciate it.
I certainly wanted to keep the colours down to a minimum in order to fit the style of the piece.
Actually if you guys wanted to see some awesomely designed poster art unsing minimal colours, you should check out Tom Whalen's work 'cause he's a master at it.