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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jonny Quest's DR. ZIN and BANDIT, by Nathan Fairbairn

I had already started the pencils on this early in the week, but then Mr. Hawthorne posted his awesome piece, and I felt totally redundant. So I left it awhile, hoping some better idea would come to me. And plenty did, but they all would have been WAY harder to draw than a picture of a dude holding a dog. Plus, as I said, I'd already started this ... and I'm super lazy, er, I mean busy ... so ... yeah.

I call this piece "ZIN WIN."


Doc Shaner said...

GREAT explosion Nathan, and of course I love the colors. And I'm taken with the twisted idea that maybe Zin was in it just to get Bandit all along.

Brandon O'Donnell said...

Poor, poor Bandit.

Mike Hawthorne said...

HA! Awesome!


Urban Barbarian said...

Anyone who would draw a picture like this is a terrible person!!! Pure evil!!!

Chris Samnee said...

Oh noes!!! Poor Bandit :(

This is great, Nathan! That look on Bandit's face just breaks my heart.

Nathan Fairbairn said...

Haha! Thanks a lot, guys! It's true: I am a terrible, terrible person. :)

Francesco Francavilla said...

In the words of Mr Burns: "EXCELLENT!" :D


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