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Sunday, May 16, 2010


I was never a HUGE Frazetta guy, i'm going to be honest. Early on I associated Frazetta with Death Dealer, Conan, etc. and that stuff was just too Heavy Metal for me at the time. As I grew wiser etc. etc. I learned of his work on John Carter, a story which I LOVE to death. Recently I've dipped into the Lil Abner stuff and i've now become a HUGE fan of the man and his work. He will be missed for sure.

This piece was pencilled by myself with inks by the always awesome, Mark Stegbauer, for the benefit auction today at SPRINGCON !



The Art of JK Woodward said...

I know this is one of those obsessive little details that dorks like me tend to gravitate towards, but I love the way you draw hair. Has a certain classic Paul Smith quality to it.
I know... stupid, but hey, I like it!

Josh said...

It was cool seeing your stuff in person. Its so much more gratifying being able to touch the paper and see the brush strokes, dry brush, and spray effects. Its a small window into how other artists work. Keep it up man.

Mitch Gerads said...

Thanks, guys!

JKW - Nerd! JK, thanks for the compliment. Hair seems to be one of the things people comment about on my work and i'll definitely take it!

Josh - It was fantastic to have you go over my pages this past weekend. I love when someone pours (pores?) over my work at shows.


Urban Barbarian said...

Man, I shoulda' drawn John Carter or even Death Dealer...! Damn you Mitch!!! Nice one!

Ron Salas said...

Nice. I really like how you defined fore-mid-and background in a very definite way. I also like how you showed the essential parts of Dejah Thoris--you know what I'm taking about. :)

Mitch Gerads said...

Dan - I live to make you regret decisions! Thanks!

Ron - The basic principles are always the strongest. I TRY to remember that as much as I can. As for Dejah, yeah. :)


Mike Hawthorne said...

Damn, that's sharp!