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Thursday, May 20, 2010

KETCHUP! by tom fowler

hey kids, welcome to ketchup week!

as many of you may have gleaned over the last few months, we twartists are often pestered by the need to make money at our other jobs (and eat and sleep and other unimportant stuff like that) and therefore are not always around to contribute*. for that reason we've decided to designate this week as a time to catch up with twarts we've missed or weren't happy with the first time around. enjoy! (or else...)

two for now but hopefully i'll be able to fill out this post with a couple more in the coming week.

first, jonny quest:

i always loved jonny growing up simply because it was just about the most hardcore thing a kid could watch. children are shot at every week and people DIE! it would definitely get your young heart pumping on a saturday morning at 6:30 am.

for those wondering where bandit is i'll say only this: the only person who hated the dog more than me was doug wildey.

second, hawkman:

done right he's just full-on bad-ass. it probably goes without saying that i drew this right after my frazetta piece

*(except for francesco who seems to have discovered a way to slow down time through a combination of caffeine and satan worship...)


Ron Salas said...

My god, these are beautiful. That Johnny Quest.... seriously. Just amazing.

Burnham said...

Tohm Fohwler! Youh drehw theh hehll ouht ohf thaht JONNY QUEST.

tomfowler said...

whoops. fixed.


Alan said...

brilliant. Love the variety of tones in the ink wash. Splendid Hawkman

Doc Shaner said...

Your Jonny Quest is great, Tom. And great points about the hardcore aspect of the show.

That Hawkman IS bad-ass. Love the inks.

charles fleming said...

Verry Nice Especially QUEST

Urban Barbarian said...

Huge WOW!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Coming late to this, because of being hammered with work, but this stuff is truly fantastic. Great work!


ANDY KUHN said...

those are both great, tom. that hawkman is killer!