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Friday, July 16, 2010

Nick Fury by Urban Barbarian

Man, it's been awhile! Sorry about that Twartists! I've been swamped with work but I've been loving these art posts! Simply amazing and inspiring! That said, I must issue an apology for this illustration. It hardly compares to those below. Still.... How can a man NOT draw Nick Fury? I blame all of you.


Evan "Doc" Shaner said...

I dig it, Dan. The gun across the lower half of the face, the inks in the hairline. Nice type there at the top too.

Mr. Hawthorne said...

Welcome back, bro! And good work! :)


Urban Barbarian said...

Thanks guys!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Really loving the lose style of this and the orange splashes, Dan, groovy! :)


Mitch Gerads said...

The bricks on the right are the coolest stylized brick work i've seen!


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