This week's pick:

Monday, August 9, 2010


Wow. I've been away for a few weeks (again!) and am stunned by the work generated by my fellow Twartists—I'm sorry for being quiet on the list and on the blog since a few weeks prior to SDCC, but continue to be amazed and inspired by everything you guys draw and paint (posted to the list and posted to the blog). You guys are my heroes.

Okay, on to this week's Twart...Andy's edict was simple:

"please feel free to interpret shelley's monster in any setting past, present, or future, or do a drawing of any character inspired by the original, from frankenstein jr, to the franken-hooker! i guess my point is, go nutty! good luck, and may god have mercy on your souls."

Like a bunch of these guys, I have a soft spot for the big guy—especially as portrayed by Boris Karloff. But I have even more affection for James Whale's 1935 sequel, The Bride of Frankenstein.

Big thanks to Andy for picking such a cool topic!