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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DR. WHO by Andy Kuhn

Everyone tells me it's awesome, and I'm sure they're right,
but I have never seen an episode of Dr. Who.
I'm sure I'll watch it someday.
I totally LOVE Matt Smith's art on the IDW comic series.
That's gotta count for something.

It's late, but here's my Dr. Who drawing, such as it is.
Thanks for looking.

PS- I have a batch of artwork up on EBAY this week.
If your interested CLICK HERE. Thanks!


Craig D said...

Now I feel like this song should be playing in the background!

Great illustration, by the way. Especially the way you've used contrast between the Doctor, the Tardis, background.

Dan McDaid said...

Seriously great - atmospheric, stylish, totally wonderful.

Love the little gleam of light poking in from the TARDIS roof!


Mike Hawthorne said...

Andy, this is classy stuff. So smartly done. Great, great work.


Mitch Gerads said...

Love the play of black and white on this, Andy!