This week's pick:

Friday, January 14, 2011

HITCHCOCK by tom fowler

"the trouble with harry"

probably not surprisingly my favourite hitchcock film.


Urban Barbarian said...

Delicious color!!! Wow!!!! Well played mister!!!

Mathieu Doublet said...

Great picture !

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Your favorite you say? I can understand that, it certainly is one of Hitch's funnier films and probably his most colorful.

The image captures the "Trouble" perfectly.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Wow, so incredibly well done! Damn!


Francesco Francavilla said...

LOVE that movie too, Tom, and LOVE what you did here: PERFECT framing! And those colors... THOSE COLORS! Darn you, Tom Fowler, darn you! :)


chris be said...

dammit that's great, the foreground/background fading of the leaves really hurts my head. in the good way.

Unknown said...

Man, this is great all around. The composition, the use of color, the storytelling... all fantastic.

Unknown said...

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