This week's pick:

Monday, April 4, 2011

MADMAN by Evan Shaner

The first time I saw Madman he was chewing on a brain. You don't forget that kind of thing.

You can see the inks for this one over at my blog.


Michael Allred said...

That is primo-liscious, Evan!

davelevine said...

Oh, wow! I really like the use of panels of various sizes and shape; and the way madman and his gal pal don't seem to bound by them. The color scheme is also gorgeous. Bravo!

Philip A. Buck said...

for realz, this is Phenomenal!

Urban Barbarian said...

Man, your love for comic books always shines!

Mitch Gerads said...

What Dan said! This might be my favorite Shaner and I know I say that every time I see a new Shaner, but that should tell ya something!


Doc Shaner said...

Thanks everybody!

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