This week's pick:

Monday, April 4, 2011

MADMAN by Steve Bryant

I almost didn't make it on this week's Twart—and that would suck, since I chose the theme! I had hoped to try and color this one, but ran out of time (I have a flatted version if anyone wants to take a bash at it).

Mike Allred's Madman crackles with a love for comics, and I wanted my drawing to reflect that love, as well. All of the comics shown represent something special to me (and, yes, I couldn't resist including my own Athena Voltaire in the mix). Bonus points if you can name each issue shown!

Since Mitch already included the lovely Joe in his image, I opted to pair Frank up with It Girl.

Thanks to Mr. Allred for creating a genuinely special comic and I continue to be awesomed by the work of my fellow Twarts—you guys never cease to amaze!