This week's pick:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DOOM PATROL by Urbanbarbarian

I see Dave Johnson hasn't wasted any time showing off as usual... One day I'm gonna have to see how far back his talented little fingers bend.


Mike Hawthorne said...

There go my damned socks again! ;-)

Great job, bro-hammer!


Doug said...


I hope you fellas don't mind, but I'm adding these to my DP blog.

Philip A. Buck said...

I love the modern=retro style you have going with this sketch! great and funny!

Reverend Dave Johnson said...

All this needs now are flying monkeys. Coming outta your ass of course. Great job.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Amazing how those characters fit so well for a Doom adaptation of OZ :D
Brilliant thinking and execution, Dan :)


Ron Salas said...

Fantastic idea! I wish I thought of it!
Great job, Dan.

Brian said...

Love it.

Patrick Stiles said...

What an entertaining concept. Love the expression on Negative Man and Elasti-girl.

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